Good Mental Health: What is A Trialogue?

Carolyn Barber of Portsmouth’s Good Mental Health Cooperative, and local researcher and social entrepreneur, explains what a Trialogue is after hosting another one on Monday 19th October.

Within communities there is a huge diversity of knowledge and experience that can be used to transform the way we discuss and develop our understanding of mental health generally

The Good Mental Health Coop has been facilitating Mental Wealth Trialogue events since 2015 in different areas of Hampshire, and these discussions continue to inspire and motivate us. Inevitably in the current situation, the Trialogues have moved online and we piloted 2 discussion events on Zoom in July and August as part of our Summer Online programme.

On Monday 19th October, we hosted a third Trialogue event as part of the Connections in Creativity Festival run by Sarah Haskett of Creative Mental Health.

Click here to register your interest in the Mental Wealth Trialogue on 19 October

What is a Trialogue?

A ‘Trialogue’ is a neutral space where people can gather to develop their understanding of mental health issues, including the challenges of maintaining good mental health, and to transform thinking on developing better services and healthy communities. Trialogue meetings are welcoming and inclusive of all community members, including mental health service users, carers, families friends, professionals and anyone with an interest in good mental health and wellbeing in the community.

The opportunity to discuss mental health more broadly and creatively is particularly important now as we all struggle to cope emotionally and psychologically with the coronavirus health crisis, and the changes that will impact on our lives in the coming months.

Click here to find out more about Resources for Resilience – online links to help you take care of your mental health, and local services if you’re based in our home city of Portsmouth.

Find out more about this online Festival through September and October – Connections in Creativity – organised by Sarah Haskett of Creative Mental Health to showcase creative talent and raise funds for the Good Mental Health Cooperative.

In the Resources section of the Good Mental Health Coop website, there are a wide range of resources you can use to build your mental and emotional resilience during these testing times. The Resources are divided under 4 themes – Meet, Relax, Learn, Create – please take some time to browse and check them out.

You can also find information about local support and services available if you’re feeling emotionally or psychologically distressed.

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