We are always open to submissions and welcome unsolicited contributions.

What do you need to be an S&C contributor?

We look for fresh, challenging and perceptive content, be it news, commentary or satire.

We are open-minded about form and genre, and will consider news reports, features, polemics, op-eds, interviews, profiles, satire (in all glorious forms), memoir, travel writing, poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

We strive to be accurate at all times, so – regardless of genre – if you are making a claim in your writing, you must substantiate it. The easiest way to do this is to either provide a list of sources at the end of your submission, or ideally, to embed the sources in the text, e.g. ‘Star & Crescent is a not for profit independent community news website.’ Please check that your sources are up to date and current.

If you are worried about this, don’t be. Speak to the team when you submit and we’ll help you with it!

I’m funny and politically engaged – can I write, draw, photo-shop or film satire for S&C?

Yes. One of our inspirations is Private Eye and we would love to include more satire – visual and written – in S&C. Find out more here.

We will also consider any of these forms outside of satire, so if you are a local artist, vlogger, YouTuber or podcaster, get in touch.

How do I submit?

Please send your work to: submissions@starandcrescent.org.uk

What happens once I’ve sent my work in?

Once a submission has been accepted for publication we reserve the right to sub-edit the text in order to improve its style, flow and eloquence. If we need to make more substantial line-edits to a piece we will contact the author and work with him or her towards this goal. In all cases, though, the editors have the final say over all material – whether articles or comments – posted on Star & Crescent.

Do I get paid?

The Editor-in-Chief is always looking for ways to pay our contributors but we are unable to offer payment at the present time.