People who have a connection with the PO area are invited to send in their best words for our new monthly feature ‘STAR POems’

Poetry Editors: Maggie Sawkins and Richard Williams

Submission Guidelines

Please copy and paste up to 3 poems into one file and send as an attachment to:

Include the words ‘Star POems’ and your name in the subject line.

Please include a short biographical note (30 – 40 words max)  about yourself in the third person. You may include links to publications or your blog or website.

Previously published work is accepted as long as you retain the copyright.

A StarPOem

  • has an arresting title and first line
  • is not overly wordy
  • is not overly dependent on rhyme
  • is not heavily sentimental
  • avoids clichés
  • uses powerful images
  • shows an awareness of contemporary poetry
  • shows a command of diction, language, and poetic craft
  • does not depend on being performed to deliver its punch
  • leaves you with more questions than answers

See this advice from Simon Armitage for tips on how to write a StarPOem.