Star & Crescent cannot and will not tolerate hate speech, be it against individuals or groups on the basis of their race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability. We understand the difference between hate speech and fairly and rationally criticising a particular institution, community or belief system. We also understand the difference between hate speech and citing certain intolerant or bigoted attitudes for the purpose of analysing or critiquing them.

We will remove any content that may place Star & Crescent in legal peril, such as possibly defamatory or libellous content or postings that could breach copyright law.

We reserve the right to remove any comments that others might find threatening or highly offensive. Please think carefully about other people’s views and values before you consider commenting.

Star & Crescent of course supports and encourages reasoned debate, but trolling, downright abuse and ad hominem assaults on our contributors or other users is unacceptable.

While we welcome constructive criticism of the content on our site, we will not permit misrepresentation of the Star & Crescent or our contributors to be published on our site. We make a clear distinction between such constructive criticism and outright smears.

While Star & Crescent actively promotes wide-ranging debate, we may remove your posting if it is too far off-topic, as we must maintain the coherence of our discussion threads.

We will not tolerate postings that appear to be spam or other types of advertising. We will be particularly watchful of commercial concerns that appear to be disguising themselves as individual users or commenters.

To ensure that Star & Crescent is a free, fair and respectful user environment, we ask participants to notify us of any potential problems and assist each other to keep discussions appropriate. If you spot something problematic, please report it to


With thanks to The Guardian Online whose comments policy informed ours.