Live! Tonight! In Portsmouth! Possibly…

Presented by TS Evinrude, Gorgeous Cretin and Omnimoda Music. There’s a ticket tonight that is hotter than quark-gluon plasma. It’s the only place to be. It’s the lateral earache epitome. It’s the auditory equivalent of a Dutch ping-pong volcano. It’s the fossilized clitoris of the lady in the lake. It’s hair colouring rampant with a legless Read more

In Your Own Words: Pompey Votes on the EU

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been asking Pompey residents for their reasons to Remain or Leave the EU. Following on from yesterday’s referendum, here’s what they told us. Interestingly, we had more responses from voters in the Remain camp than in the Leave camp, which is why you will find a broader range Read more

Welcome To The Virtual World, Portsmouth

JS Adams explores virtual reality at the White Elephant in Southsea and finds himself imagining the potential of a whole new (virtual) world. I am at the White Elephant in Cromwell Road Southsea, home to an arts community and shop. A small unassuming place, White Elephant holds a new porthole, a star gate, a digital Read more

Gender Neutral Toilets for Portsmouth University?

For most of us choosing which public toilet to use is easy – across the world WCs are signed either for males or females. But the decision is more complicated for transgender and gender fluid people. First year student Anniken Haugen investigates how this topic affects university life. From Laverne Cox’s character in Orange is the New Black to Olympic Read more

Wrestling Over Europe With My Sons

After last week’s tough conversation with her two sons about consent and relationships, Pompey parent and writer Maddie Wallace raises the controversial issue of this week’s EU referendum. I sat down with my sons this week and talked to them about Europe. Once we got past the bit where they thought I was talking about Read more

Help for Homeless?

Following news that the number of homeless people in Portsmouth has trebled, Holly Wells finds out why – and who is out there to help. A homeless man is sat in a doorway in Southsea. With only a rucksack, a flask of tea and a baseball cap filled with coppers, he still manages a smile Read more

STAR POems: Early Evening Caller at Rampart Gardens

A dark evening, a friend calls, tells of his brother-in-law’s funeral, says, did you know there are five police cars in your cul-de-sac, one officer opened the boot of a car, gave out rifles. The time is 6pm. Somewhere nearby there has been a disturbance, blank windows reflect ourselves, all of us are guilty of Read more

Bells, Music and Burlesque in Victoria Park

Gareth Rees reminisces about the day he and his friend Robbie were invited to play music at the park-keeper’s cottage in Victoria Park. We arrived early and sat outside the venue in the park sipping our fee in the form of Bishop’s Tipple ale. It was a fine spring evening and still light. But it was chilly and Read more

A Journey Home: From Krakow to Portsmouth and Back

Portsmouth-based novelist Christine Lawrence tells a poignant tale of family, immigration and reconnection with the past. The plane banked, ready to descend from the sky. The bright sunlight beaming through the tiny cabin windows dimmed as we dipped into the cloud. I looked at my husband, he took my hand and held it in his. I Read more