By Chris Campbell. Robert was in his early sixties and had lived alone since his wife had died almost two years ago. He had a daughter who lived in Eastbourne, down on the south coast of England. He lived on the outskirts of Oxford only two streets away from where he was born. He had Read more

NHS Plans: A Portsmouth Doctor Questions the Cuts

‘Your Big Health Conversation’ seeks to engage Portsmouth residents about the 5 year plan for Hampshire and Isle of Wight NHS Services, as set out in the controversial Sustainable Transformation Plan, or STP. Here a Portsmouth NHS doctor questions the assertions being made in the STP and survey to justify cuts of £577 million to Read more

Pompey Satire: Trump’s Cards, Cronies and Cat

S&C satirists Mike Gumbrell and Matt Wingett take aim at Donald Trump and Steve Bannon, two of the world’s most powerful men, if not two of the world’s most pleasant. Read more

What Donna Can Learn From Donald

In the spirit of boosting the ‘special relationship’, Sir Eugene Nicks KBE of the All-Portsmouth Conservative, Regressive and Imperial Association (established 1799), celebrates the similarities between the leader of Portsmouth City Council and the new leader of the Free World. Isn’t this a whizzo time to be alive, readers? Me old mucker and business partner Read more

STAR POems: The Hammock

By John Pearson I am the man-length canvas pulled out of store, strung between grey bulkheads ready to still the pitch and roll of any ship. I am a solitary place a cocoon to relieve the last watch’s weariness. I am a lying sick bed and even a second skin wrapped around a dead sailor. Read more

The Loss of Fortitude: My Father’s Battle with Dementia

Sue Roome recounts a very personal – and timely – story of illness, old age and confusion. Dad sat listless in the armchair. His left side drooped as if all of his bones had been removed. His face sagged and the stench from the vomit and faeces was a violation of my senses. He turned his Read more

S&C Presents… Taking the P Out of Pompey: Satire in a Dangerous Age

‘Ours is a useful trade, a worthy calling. With all its lightness and frivolity, it has one serious purpose, one aim, one speciality, and it is constant to it: the deriding of shams, the exposure of pretentious falsities, the laughing of stupid superstitions out of existence.’ So wrote Mark Twain over 100 years ago, but Read more

Self Publishing: Behind the Scenes with Authors Reach

Richard Hardie is one of the founder members of Authors Reach, a co-operative of local authors turned self-publishers. Here’s how it works.    The job of being an author doesn’t stop with the words “The End”. In many ways that’s just the beginning. Publishers tend to spend their marketing budget on promoting books from authors who they know will turn out Read more

Rugby Read: Poor Performance from Portsmouth Brings Defeat Against Twickenham

S&C Rugby Correspondent William Payne reports on last week’s match against Twickenham as injury strikes the Pompey RFC team once again. There were more woes for Portsmouth this week, as players’ injuries saw Stuart Davies, Luke Richardson, Darren Crabb and Curtis Barnes all ruled out until the end of the season. Kick off against Twickenham Read more

STAR POems: 100 Ways to Lose Yourself

By Suzanne Toogood   Drink wine, beer, spirits that cheer, go on a bike ride, watch the tide, admire Gay Pride, read a book, be spooked by a spook, try not to look, don’t get hooked.   Go to the zoo, catch flu, listen to the blues, sew, cook, spy a rook, or a crow, Read more