This Bike Could Change the Life of A Little Girl in Portsmouth

This child’s tricycle is like most others, with one important difference. It could change someone’s life. By Laura Stanley, with Sarah Cheverton. Alyssa Mae, her 2 sisters and her parents, Zoe and Colin, are like most other families in Portsmouth. Zoe has a part time job at Cottage Grove School and Colin works at Elite Read more

A Tale of Portsea Basin

By Christine Lawrence. It was just before dawn on a damp November night.  Joe walked home after a most difficult night shift.  Normally he loved the walk home in the dark.  It gave him a chance to leave behind his work and prepare for the day ahead – a couple of hours sleep and then Read more

STAR POems: Bramble

(Blackberry brambles can be stripped of their thorns and used to fashion baskets and other useful artefacts).   The first man clips off her thorns one by one, turns her placid and tractable, cuts her off close to the roots, twists her into something useful, something of his own making.   The second man threads Read more

INSIDE: A Pompey Gamer’s Walkthrough

Portsmouth gamer Toxic Buddha takes on a thrilling new animated game, INSIDE, named “Best Independent Game” in the Game Critics Awards. INSIDE follows the journey of a small boy running from a series of mysterious strangers, worm-infested animals and zombie-like humans who appear to have been the victim of a horrific experiment. The game, developed Read more

Jack Kerouac: Why the King of the Road Didn’t Want his Crown

Portsmouth-based blogger and critic Jordan Osborne looks at the less romantic aspects of Beat icon Jack Kerouac’s cultural legacy. ‘What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the Read more

A Corrupting Influence Part I

Laszlo Dumitrescu returns, and he’s made some interesting and powerful friends. I have made many friends in the business and rotary circles of Portsmouth, where I am now a local celebrity. On my desk there is photograph of me holding leader of the council Fred Gubbins in a headlock. Here I tell you how I Read more

Are We Losing Our Community Spirit? The Struggle to Keep Southsea Greenhouse Alive

Sue Stokes, founder of Southsea Greenhouse Community Co-operative, explores the social revolution at the heart of community groups and the challenges involved in keeping the dream of a caring, sharing Portsmouth alive. When I left school I had the usual teenage delusions. I thought I could fly, that my ideas had legs and that the Read more

From Student Blog to Graphic Adventure

Nica Tomasiello discusses her exciting new project to turn her blog about life as a University of Portsmouth student into an innovative graphic novel. Some of you have already heard of J.A.S.I.P. at least a couple of times on Star & Crescent. For those who haven’t, follow the link to experience seven degrees of awesome. Like the Read more

STAR POems: Point of View

Citadel of crows: dagger-beaked above the motorcycles ranked out front of Mick’s monster burger van. Hop. Skip. Peck up what’s left over; their bare-faced opportunism rising and landing between the wheels.   This ridge is fortress, brick bulwark, shelters homeland spread on seaboard like a Lego metropolis. Look down, look closer down: tight terraces and Read more

Why I Support A Second Referendum

A response to the first referendum and hopes for a second from Francis Lovering, a concerned Portsmouth resident and European. The recent referendum has left more people distressed than the aftermath of any general election or political process I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. My children and many of my friends, including many who Read more