Portal Double Zero Part II

By Jon Crout Otto was allocated a bunk in a dormitory, and he only realised how much his aching body needed to rest once he was lying down. As he stretched out, he thought deeply about what he was finding out. Everything seemed great. Compared to what he was used to, problems were being solved, Read more

Social Cinema: Fast Flash Frenetic Film

Portsmouth University student Chloe Franks salutes an extraordinary new genre that is revolutionising the way we watch and judge films and television programmes. There’s a man stumbling along the middle of a deserted road, back to the camera. His hair is dark and he wears a pristine black suit. His left foot drags a little Read more

What’s Happening in Syria Once Happened Here Too

New Star & Crescent Contributing Editor, Gareth Rees, takes a philosophical and psychological tour of Portsmouth’s own Cathedral of St Thomas. A guy from Dubai once told me that if, in his travels, he couldn’t find a mosque, a visit to a cemetery would be an adequate substitute. My mind flies to old Mr Goddard Read more

Portal Double Zero Part I

By Jon Crout Otto staggered to the toilets, as much for shelter as to answer a call of nature. Those recently reformed, sing-along baldies were coming to the end of their over-familiar set, and he was quite keen to get some respite from the persistent drizzle that had been soaking the crowd on the common Read more

Is Portsmouth the Birthplace of British Rock & Roll?

For this summer’s Portsmouth Festivities, our new Contributing Editor Dr Dave Allen was invited to give a talk on the topic ‘Portsmouth’s unique musical heritage’. His immediate response was that he didn’t think Portsmouth’s musical heritage is unique… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t significant. To prepare for the talk, I started to think about Read more

We Buried My Dad in the Woods

S&C Contributing Editor Christine Lawrence shares what happens when a loved one dies suddenly and you discover that they want a natural burial with no ‘fuss’. What followed was an interesting journey which brought her closer to her father than she had been for some years. We buried Dad in the woods. He didn’t want a religious ceremony Read more

A Corrupting Influence Part II

By Laszlo Dumitrescu. Now I am a member of the club, I send driver to Southsea to fetch a case of vodka. We drink shots, and because he is a special friend I make Sir Philip drink his shot through the eye. He scream ‘bloody hell,’ and ‘Christ, you fucker.’ Police commissioner John Griffiths and Read more

Could Brexit Get Even Worse?

JS Adams fears that the Brexit fallout could threaten our civil liberties, our economic relationship with the rest of the world and even peace and stability across Europe. I have no evidence that Brexit could trigger another world war, but it can’t be a coincidence that Britain was at peace with Europe all the time it was Read more

JPEG Japes with Jack Caramac (III)

Jack Caramac, the Portsmouth-based JPEG jammer and visual satirist, turns his sights on finance, corruption and tax evasion. Images by Jack Caramac. You can follow him live and unleashed on Twitter. Read more

From Student to Sugar Baby: Portsmouth Students Seek Arrangements

The University of Portsmouth has more students than any other university in Britain signed up to a controversial “Sugar Daddy” dating website. Andrea Smikle investigates. Online dating has evolved a lot since 1995 when Match.com was founded. There are now sites that connect people who share the same religious beliefs or belong to the same ethnic group. Advances in Read more