You Say You Want a Revolution (Part I)

But did we? asks Portsmouth pop historian Dr Dave Allen in this first part of a series of articles on the impact of ’60s counterculture on our city, the legendary Birdcage venue playing a key role. Who wanted a revolution? Well John Lennon for one, since the enquiry comes directly from his lyrics to ‘Revolution’ Read more

STAR POems: The Indecency of a Hyacinth (Sprouting)

‘stirring Dull roots with spring rain.’ T S Eliot Rude, splayed fingers of unstoppable purpose, intruding indecently into the shy atmosphere. Not taking no for an answer, they displace the proprieties, lifting the flower-nub up, and signalling their intention to propel the bright-hued sex-parts into the full glare of publicity. They advertise their shame, wantonly Read more

Portsmouth Equine Strangles Causes Social Media Stampede

The placid world of horse owning doesn’t usually find itself in the eye of an abusive social media storm. But Portsmouth equestrian Alice Lawrence’s experience was particularly unusual… Strangles. Maybe we should change the name. Would that stop the panic the word causes every horse owner? Back in March my horse Blue was confirmed to Read more

If You Want a Nincompoop for Your Neighbour…

We reluctantly present some words of praise for Portsmouth’s most (in)famous Conservative by Sir Eugene Nicks QC, KBE: soldier, lawyer, lover, brother, mother and Policy Advisor to the All-Portsea Conservative, Regressive and Imperial Association (established 1799). Ladies, gentlemen and your valets, before I wax on and wax off about the scalding topic of the day, Read more

STAR POems: Gentle Giant

My dad is a big man A big man’s-man sports fan He shows his affection with food Keeping the dish a secret from me until the last minute So he can see my delight at my favourite meal Our sacred game When I was in hospital he looked after my money plant The leaves frosted Read more

The Curse of Noel Gallagher

While Manic Street Preachers headlined the Common Stage on the first evening of Victorious Festival in Southsea, the spotlight on Sunday was on Noel Gallagher’s much anticipated High Flying Birds. Giada Nizzoli was there. Now, if you were there for other bands in general or if you happened to find yourself by the Common Stage Read more

Solent Deal or Done Deal, Round 2: Consultation or Propaganda?

S&C Co-editor, Oriana Bevan, reports on a day of questionable public ‘consultation’ on the new Solent deal, which proposes to add a new layer of local government across Portsmouth, Southampton and the IOW. Additional reporting by Sarah Cheverton. On Wednesday 14th I attended a public consultation event on the Solent Deal in the chambers of Read more

Hope Not Hate Unites Portsmouth

When a few Portsmouth residents – including Sue Mullan – met in July to share their concerns about the increase in post-Brexit hate crimes, they didn’t expect to become one of 80 groups across the country taking part in Hope not Hate‘s national launch of the More in Common programme. Portsmouth’s contribution to the Hope Read more

STAR POems: These Streets

I was born here, under Maggie’s rule. Living beneath her Spitting Image character hanging from a telecom wire overhead. The youth here knew hate before they knew love and everybody hated the Iron Lady. Everything here was grey; from the rows of well-worn tenements and dirt-strewn streets to the sunken eyes of every battered wife. Read more

Campaign to Stop Council Cuts Sends Star & Crescent Global

Editor in Chief, Sarah Cheverton, is speaking to Swedish journalists today about our ‘virtual newsroom’ at an event organised by Digital Identities and supported by Google Newslabs. This is the first time Star & Crescent has been invited to represent the hyperlocal news sector on an international scale and we’ve been asked to talk about Read more