By Philip Jeremy Wilson


It comes in many a form

There is no norm

Mine is when someone gives their life for another

Others smother


on FA Cup Final day

And say

That one player is the hero

Of the match and they zero

In on their achievement

Which will forever cement

Them in a club’s history

We all see heroism differently

That is its zenith

As we are all heroes to someone beneath

Our modest exteriors

No one is inferior

To someone else, period

Whether it’s just opening a can with an awkward

Tin opener for your mum

Or her helping her son

Through the bad times as she would

But never for her own good

That is what heroism is about

Because all heroes never ever shout

Look at me


My good deed

There is no need

Knowing they gave their all

To the task however a big or small

Is all the response required within their heart

And to know it helped someone, a gentle smile from their face will never part


Written 6th April 2020 at The Poetry Factory, Southsea.

Neil Blanks on my bequest set me this task.

Cathartic – an often misused word


Image by Fifaliana-joy from Pixabay.


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