89 Not Out: Day 40, Clapping for our Carers

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 40 and for the first time, Ian heads out to the 8pm clap for carers and essential workers.

Friday 24th April Day, 40 of 89.

I think I get it.

Initially my thoughts on The Thursday at 8pm Clap for our Carers and frontline staff were not especially supportive. I have never been a great proponent of marches or rallies, great public displays of solidarity behind a common cause. 

Don’t get me wrong, the frontline staff who are doing a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances get my respect and full enthusiastic support, but I wasn’t sure how standing in front of my house applauding would be any more than just some empty gesture.

In truth, the first week I didn’t hear anything, but from memory the weather was a bit grim and the windows were closed. The next week we heard it and I thought it was a nice gesture but was still not moved to partake. Last week, it seemed louder and the excitable Millsey decided he needed to join in by barking loudly, something he rarely does. 

So last night I took the plunge and went out on the drive and joined in. Millsey, in his delightfully unpredictable way bounced excitedly from foot to foot but uttered not a sound, though if I wasn’t mistaken there was a nod to a household across the street, his home away from home. 

So we clapped enthusiastically and I was struck by several things. Who decides when we start and finish? It all seemed to work but I was unsure how. And there was something deeply uplifting about being part of it. I think it was the sensation that the estate was still alive and well.

One of the features of the lockdown has been how quiet the estate has become, but just for a minute I was audibly aware of lots of people outside their houses, coming together as a community and taking part in this simple act to show gratitude for those on the front line. 

I am still not sure how much this gesture means to those workers. I guess it can do no harm, from a purely selfish perspective it reminded me my local community is still alive and well and I think we will be back again next Thursday. 


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Image by dhanelle from Pixabay.

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