GE2019: Your Questions for Portsmouth Candidates Answered

We recently asked S&C readers and social media followers what one question you would ask all the candidates in Portsmouth North and South in the General Election. From the many – and diverse – answers we received, we selected five questions, which we sent to all the local candidates.

Here you can find all the responses we’ve received so far.


Stephen Morgan, Labour candidate and incumbent MP

Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Liberal Democrat candidate

Donna Jones, Conservative candidate

John Kennedy, The Brexit Party candidate

Steven George, The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party candidate



Antonia Harrison, Liberal Democrat candidate

George Madgwick, independent candidate

Lloyd Day, Green Party candidate


Still waiting for responses from:

Penny Mordaunt, Conservative candidate and incumbent MP

Amanda Martin, Labour candidate


This article was updated on 6th December in response to a reader’s correction, amending ‘current MP’ to ‘incumbent MP’ in Portsmouth North and South.


What do you think of the candidates’ answers? Did it help to make up your mind who to vote for?

Don’t forget to compare all the candidates in your area who have submitted answers, and tell us what you think over on Facebook and Twitter.