Station Left Dirty in Hope it Will Become Work of Modern Art


By Scott Daly

The roof of Portsmouth and Southsea railway station is to be left in its current filthy state, in the hope that its dirtiness will establish it as an ironic work of modern art.

Station boss Wilbert Hatt said, ‘Years ago someone apparently won some prize by being untidy, so we thought we’d try the same. One of the inspirations for building the Premier Inn hotel right next to the station was to accommodate an anticipated rush of art critics who would appreciate the ‘originality’ of the dirty roof.’

However, Hatt admits to being surprised at the lack of response from the art world. He also dismissed the opinions of local residents who suggested that he just couldn’t be bothered to get the roof cleaned.

‘This City has a proud history of being home to some of the worst architecture in the country, and we are proud to continue that legacy. The local pigeons seem to love the station, so why can’t everybody else?’

Image by Bashereyre, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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