Do We Have the Power to Change Portsmouth? Free Workshop for Local Residents

Saturday 27th July, 1-5pm

Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth

As citizens many of us feel like we don’t have a voice and voting doesn’t bring the changes we’d like to see. 

Locally the decisions of powerful organizations like the Council and the University affect us all. How can we become informed about and challenge such decisions?

Come to this unique workshop and learn some of the skills needed to understand and question those who hold power:

  • Using local media to bring change/build a campaign 
  • Making freedom of Information requests: what they are and how to use them effectively 
  • Finding out what the council spends our tax money on
  • Unpacking sustainability claims and carbon footprints
  • Cultivating insider sources and useful relationships
  • Using diplomatic approaches to information gathering

The event will culminate in a discussion of the issues local people care about and that should be covered by the Star & Crescent website, soon to re-launch. Brought to you in association with the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth.

Attendance is free, just turn up on the day. 


Image ‘Power to the People’ re-used under a Public Domain licence.