Feminist Book Club Launches Second Book and Virtual Meet-Up

The second online meeting of a recently launched feminist book club takes place on 16th December 2020, exploring the memoir The Space Between Black and White by Esu Goldsmith. Sarah Cheverton reports.

The Feminist Book Club launched in October 2020 with Cut by Hibo Wardere, a memoir about FGM. The group is co-ordinated and delivered by FiLiA, a national charity that ‘works locally, nationally and internationally to build sisterhood and solidarity’, which launched the book club as part of its ongoing Legacy Project.

FiLiA has 12 books lined up for the reading group over the coming year. December’s book is The Space Between Black and White by Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith and offers participants the chance to discuss the book with the author herself.

The Space Between Black and White is described as ‘a unique memoir [that] sheds light on Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith’s journey as a feminist and political activist.

‘The book illuminates her inner journey of self-discovery and uncovers truths that could help the new generation of mixed-race people now struggling to find their own space in the world. [It] is a vivid, painful, funny and inspiring story told in her own words and through conversations, letters, diary extracts and anecdotes.’

Co-ordinator of Portsmouth’s Cross Cultural Women’s Group, Shipa Ahmed Khan, said she was ‘really looking forward to this project and introducing women from minority communities to the book club. Very excited to discover and read books by female authors.’

FiLia CEO, Lisa-Marie Taylor, said that all the books lined up for the group are ‘written by women who are working hard to highlight the injustices women and girls face. It’s going to be a year of learning and deepening our understanding of what we can do to participate in the fight for women’s rights.’

The discussion with Esua Goldsmith takes place on Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 6pm, and you can register to attend here.

FiLiA has a small number of signed copies of Esua’s book to gift to women who want to take part in the group, but are unable to purchase the book themselves. You can contact FiLiA to find out more by emailing info@filia.org.uk.

Photo by Rahul Shah from Pexels.

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