The Rainbow on the Wall

By Linda Hilborne

Lying back on the sofa.

It was so exhausting to be ill

without that extra worry:

will I get pneumonia next week?

Millions of other people

painfully processing that same fear.


Then I saw it:

the rainbow on the wall.

Refracted sunlight through the window –

a natural phenomenon,

but it rarely happens here.

I quickly photographed it,

then went back to bed.


A month later, out walking,

rainbows surrounded me everywhere:

on windows, on pavements,

chalked with childrens’ crayons.

Messages of hope,

and other meanings too, for me.


My eyes fell on numerous flowers

pushed into the smallest spaces,

through the fences, by the lakes,

spilling over garden walls,

everywhere in such profusion,

sprays of every size.


Colours from the rainbow spectrum,

other shades that lay between

like semitones in music.

Why were there so many?

Because there were no cars?


People soon began to speak

Of things we’d said we wanted:

road closures, streets for people,

cycling instead of driving,

much more walking, running, jogging –

plans to make this longer term.

Now our wishes might be granted.

Seize the chance and make it happen –

let’s not miss the moment.


Inspiration: This is a true story which has meaning for me on many levels. When I was writing it, I focussed on positive things which helped to get me through a stressful spring and summer, during which every familiar routine changed permanently.


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