Sky Food

By Sue Harper After the Great Blizzard, Portsmouth looked like the North Pole. Snow was six feet high in the streets, deeper where it had drifted, and little narrow walkways were excavated where people could [… read more ]


A Sliver of Life

By Sue Shipp We’d just sat down from our labours when Old Roy appeared on the grass path running between the allotments, eating a nectarine, the other hand hidden behind his back. He slopped along [… read more ]

Social Issues

Wilder Portsmouth

Inspired by the many fabulous environmental initiatives taking place in Portsmouth, Pens of the Earth was set up to encourage writers to celebrate existing projects, and to imagine what might be. This week Andy Ames reports on [… read more ]



By Helen Salsbury ‘This Christmas,’ his daughter Keira said, ‘we want to get you something special. Not just socks.’ Outside, blood-red leaves were gathering in the concrete corners of the courtyard, swept off early in [… read more ]


Better Shape

By Richard Salsbury As I strode past the orchard on Cornwallis Crescent I realised that the tingling in my hands and feet wasn’t going to disappear after a bit of exercise. I was on my [… read more ]