By Peter Ashdown-Knights


was committed to quicker than I can get a sock down on my foot

It was all a shock down in our systems

We could barely take stock down of what happened

Each day

A new way of handling this extraordinary event

These plans the government sent

We never really knew what they meant

Every one began with a new intent

‘Follow the science’ they said

But with every Facebook thread we read

We were never sure where we’d be led

With every conspiracy theory we’ve been fed we can see

Everything happens faster than we can flee

All we can do is

Hope for the best

Prepare for the worst



Look after yourself first.


Now you’ve done that the rest is easy

Relax, settle down, take a breath,

Don’t get queasy

Many will panic like with turbulence in a plane emergency

We’ll be told to frantically brace ourselves

And prepare for the plain insurgency of our freedom.


But this lockdown isn’t all gloom

It shouldn’t just be a chance to brace ourselves for an eventual doom

But a chance to

Embrace ourselves for what we can do


The many things we can share between me and you,


Can refuse to lockdown our minds


Can choose to defuse the lockdown of our souls

And in the end when the virus will lose

We will look down on this lockdown like a touchdown

By all of us who took it on

Both apart

And together

And we will take what we learnt with us on



Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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