STAR POems: Existence is Meaningless

Elaborate thoughts of life and existence –  

Xeroxed repetition of thoughts of love and sex 

Imply a plan that may not exist, and I 

Seem to spend too much time on these subjects 

Though perhaps it’s not necessary to discredit 

Entire philosophical tenets, to see 

Nothing is planned, just random chance to begin,  

Chaotic accidents, making nothing stoic. 

Except it works. Perhaps that’s all it means to “be” 


I don’t think about all of this as often as I 

Should, because after all what is life but words 


Mixed in with deeper feelings like in the synonym 

Exists surely, something more than just being alive 

A speck of genetic material, no more than an iota 

Navigating the expanses of space – concepts like a nation 

In this scenario, seem utterly inane despite what any yogi 

Names as barriers between here and nirvana, speaking in 

Gnostic verses or plain languages, could life be nothing 

Less than life itself – the joy of existence in what we call a soul 

Equals any experience, whether or not is just a synapse 

Stuttering and firing in a series of chemical accidents 

So what if existence is meaningless?