89 Not Out: Day 65, Are We There Yet?

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 65 and the end of the government’s 12 week lockdown is only three weeks away. Or is it?

Wednesday 20th May, Day 65 of 89.

Over the hump? 

Wednesday, wrote Mr Kipling and then went and had a cake. I rather like Wednesdays, that middle of the week ‘half way there’ feeling. This set me thinking about curves – not in a lewd or inappropriate way – but how we have all become a little more familiar with them over the last 3 months. 

It looks like the worst of the curves, those dying from the Coronavirus is starting to flatten out, although I find the numbers always higher than I hoped they would be even though the science tells me this will be the last of the measures to drop down. 

I looked at my blog number this morning and it struck me I am counting down toward only three of the twelve weeks left – so I am over the top of the hump, right?

Confession time, I have always said not to break the news to me that 89 days isn’t enough. I didn’t think I could cope with countenancing longer in lockdown. But it is pretty clear that June 13th – the 89th day – isn’t going to be all I  hoped it might be: me skipping from the house with the music from Heidi playing in the background, as I saunter into town for a spot of lunch, a workout in the gym, and a pint to rehydrate in the pub after.

So, I think I need to recalibrate. 

The government has hinted that July might bring some hope of social-distanced normality, so I am going to look toward July 11th. It will be my birthday and a year on from the gym-based victory over Tiny Tom. Let’s hope we can return to the gym then, although I will need to take a carrier bag as my bottom is going to be handed to me. I fear my nearly 51 year old muscles will be in shabbier shape than his 19 year old ones .

All that said, we won’t change the title of the blog just yet. It’s been called ’89 Not Out’ from the start, and ‘117 Not Out’ is neither better or worse. It’s just a different target to aim for…and I am still more than halfway there. 


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Image by tigerlily713 from Pixabay.

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