The Plane Tree

By Patricia J. Arnold.


There you stand majestic tree

Branches spread high over me

I wonder how long you have stood in this place

And what are your thoughts of the human race.


For years you have watched as the people pass by

Off to the shops or a new job to try

You knew they’d be back at the end of the day

So you waited and watched the children at play.


On hot summer days with your mantle of green

You were shade for the weary as on you they’d lean

And if it should rain as sometimes it did

You were our shelter as ’neath you we hid.


Birds of all kinds had made you their friend

The blackbird, the thrush and the sweet jenny-wren.

The squirrels made nests and brought forth their young

As safe and secure in your branches they clung.


But through all of the seasons you stand straight and and tall

spring, summer, winter and sad autumn fall

Firm are your roots , you will go on for ever.

I may travel the world, but forget you never.


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay.

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