GE2019: Pompey Politics Podcast Election Special with Amanda Martin

Pompey’s favourite party political podcast returns with hosts Ian ‘Tiny’ Morris and Simon Sansbury for the second of what they hope to be six General Election 2019 special episodes. Each guest will be invited to introduce themselves, share how they came to be involved in politics, and asked to confirm their position on Brexit, before answering three questions selected at random from the infamous Pompey Politics Pot of Pondering (see the full list of questions below). This week, the candidate in the hot seat is Labour candidate for Portsmouth North, Amanda Martin.

The full list of questions in the Pot is:

1. Turnout in 2017 GE was 69%. How do we increase voter participation in our democracy?
2. If cost wasn’t an object, what physical changes would you make to parliament?
3. FPTP – protector of our democratic institutions, or a burden?
4. If tomorrow you were Chancellor of the Exchequer – what would be your first act?
5. Name the policy of your political opponents you like the most – and why?
6. Which one of your party’s policies are you most proud of (no Brexit answers)?
7. If you could change anything about the 2016 referendum (excluding the result), what would it be?
8. What do you admire most about one of the other main party candidates standing against you?
9. Do you think the NHS will always remain free at point of use?

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In Case You Missed It:

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