89 Not Out: Day 10, The Streets Empty

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of self-isolation as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 10 and oh, so quiet…

Wednesday 25th March, Day 10 of 89 

Double digit day! 

In cricketing terms – stay with me here – to build a decent score, they say you should work in fives. Make it to five, then ten, and eventually your rhythm will come and scoring will get much easier. I am not sure it’s quite the same with social distancing and isolation.

We have made it to 10 days and we are doing ok. I took the noble hound out for a block walk yesterday and it was clear that the world has changed. It seems that the messaging is finally getting through. 

I  walked the estate to the sound of bird song, but little else. I met few people on the walk and those I did meet kept a respectful wide birth. Traffic was almost non-existent and this was being taken advantage of by a couple of runners who were simply pounding down the middle of the road, an excellent take on self-isolation. I met my fellow podcaster and brother-in-law on the walk and we had a surreal chat, stood either side of one of the side roads. 

I did muse, if only I had purchased a tandem, now would be the ideal time, with almost no traffic on the roads, no people to avoid with the pavement dance, the wind in my hair….or at least swishing over my streamlined pate. It set me wondering: what will happen when all this is over? Will folk simply jump back in their cars and end all the stillness? Will we simply return to the traffic gridlock we saw before? 

Or will businesses and people think that sitting in traffic for 40 minutes each way simply to sit in a different room to the one you have set up at home might not need to happen every day? I am sure the lungs of the people of Portsmouth – and everywhere – would be glad if the answer is no…


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.


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