A Capital Stooge

By Amanda Garrie

Oh dear, oh dear, treacherous Keir

you favour the bosses over job losses.

You’re not the right ilk, in your cap, gown and silk;

your attempt at a joke has you covered in yolk,

and you’re not ‘Special K’ – whatever you say.


It’s an arrogant choice to give those words voice,

to claim you’re better than others.

You should be one of the brothers:

a comrade in arms with no middle-class charms,

and putting the law to good use.


Anything else is a piss-poor excuse,

for one who says he’s so bright.

So it’s down to the vets for a dose of your kets

if you keep on supporting the Right.


Get off your high horse and run the good course,

stop trying to please the BoDs.

To take your position, when in opposition,

really puts you at odds.


Your imperious stance is a dangerous dance,

come the time of the revolution.

Swap gown for vest, come join with the rest

as we work towards the solution.


Historical figures: the martyrs, the Diggers

bred us with the might of the masses.

We’re the ones banging drums

for the rights of the working classes.


You’re a capital stooge,

face painted with rouge;

a puppet, a tool, a transient fool.

You’ve gone to the dogs,

you’re an infill, a fraud and a filler

and, for the workers at Kellogg’s,

you’re a malevolent cereal killer.


Image by Chris McAndrew under Creative Commons BY 3.0 license, via Wikimedia Commons


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