Seasonal Tides

By Helen Elliott


Pastel palette beach huts

Sun-bleached on the Solent, pebbled sands,

Awaiting summer’s curtain call

The closing of her seasonal demands.

On the morrow, they stand weary

To greet autumn aurora with a smile,

Tip a wink and bid adieu

Their job is done, it’s time to rest awhile.

As nights draw in, these dainty huts

Will feel the pain of bitter seas,

Huddled close to brace the storm

Of midnight’s unforgiving winter freeze.

When tides have turned afresh

And all is calm upon the shores.

As from the east this brand new sun

Will show itself in light and warmth once more.

With dayspring joy arrival

They will bid hello to this new dawn.

A prelude to the summer love

To soothe the pain from winters gone.