By Diana Ashman

Pandemic, a crisis planet lockdown,

no autonomy or freedom of choice, people frown,

authorities put rules into place,

isolation, social distancing, life slows to a pace.


As the weeks pass by,

pollution disappears from the sky,

the ozone layer begins to heal,

people have found the time, work used to steal.


Acts of kindness make society thrive,

empathy and compassion still survive,

contacting old friends, keeping in touch is a pleasure,

new ways to fill your time, it is called leisure.


Curfews are lifting, our rights are returned,

will people remember what has been learnt,

or return to a way of life they understand,

now awareness gives them the upper hand.


Pandemic – a crisis, a positive view,

can bring out the best, we will start anew,

we have the power, the choice.

life will change. All ideas and opinions, we must voice!


Inspiration: People’s reaction to this crisis inspired me to write my poem. They found compassion and kindness for their fellow man. Awareness was heightened that our planet is fragile. Hopefully change will follow, but only if the lessons learned are remembered once this crisis has passed.


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