By David Angus.


Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Brainwashed shalt thou be.


Dumbed down.

Erased of courage and creative thought.

Fearful otherwise.

Gravity, debt pressing down on you like gravity.

Home ownership or financial black hole either way.

In the status quo of property.

Just conform and be streetwise.

Kill all other dreams, all creativity.

Lest they become a liability.

Marketing of mortgages makes us grateful slaves.


Ownership itself I don’t decry.

Perhaps I’d own more if that was run differently.

Question though, as one’s life depends on it.

Rebel against the money tied up in it.

Stunting us with mortgages, maintenance, bloody refurbishments.

The curse of cowboy builders, DIY neighbours, estate agents.

Useless Mr & Mrs Dimmo on property programme-infested TV.

Vent your spleen! Their budget would set up you, me, or the odd third world country.

Wankers. And to Hell with those mortgage marketing bonus bankers.

X for execrable.

Yield not to the wonderland of property.

Zombiefied otherwise shalt thou be.


Photography by Moshe Tasky.