STAR POems: Black Lives Matter

Lola-Rose Yussuf, aged 11 years, wrote this poem after attending a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in the Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.

Lola-Rose told S&C, ‘I am amazed at the amount of positive feedback from the poem. I will be attending more peaceful protests in Brighton after the one I went to in Portsmouth. I am thankful that everything has been fine at home during the quarantine. I have enjoyed our family time but can’t wait to finally get back to life out of lockdown.’



Lola-Rose Yussuf 

Black is not a threat, black is not harm. 

Black is peace, black is calm. 

Black is not bad neither illegal, 

Why are you killing us?  

We just want justice and freedom. 

Peaceful protests have turned into violent riots. 

What does everyone expect?  

We will NO longer stand quiet. 

Derek Chauvin is an example of police brutality. 

How could a human have so much insanity?! 

George Floyd, an innocent black male, 

lost his life due to racism, his killer is now in jail. 

Eric Garner, another innocent black man – 

strangulation ended him and so did a racist clan. 

It breaks my heart to say this, but the list goes on, 

innocent blacks are dying, this is like 

a “Fight for equality” marathon. 

I, you, WE must FIGHT for what is RIGHT  

and come together as ONE, 

Because, no, we are not done. 

Our fight continues to this very day 

as racism and police brutality has not yet GONE away. 

I am praying the future has many more people 

who support black lives, 

Racism comes to an end and we are no longer deprived. 

It’s still nice to know there are many who care 

and I know not just blacks, but there are whites  

supporting us out there. 

So, yes, you’re right. All lives do matter.  

But right now the focus is BLACK LIVES MATTER. 

Some people just need the knowledge  

and have lack of understanding, 

The amount of our supporters though  

is thankfully still expanding. 

So I will end it here, but I want my voice,  

this message, this poem to be heard. 

There needs to be change to this world 

immediately, mark my word. 

Stay safe, and don’t forget: 



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