By Jackie Green


Quips that slip from pompous lip,

Wide eyed lies that slide like flies

From piles of dung, publicly flung

At the tufty hair and vacant stare,

Of our PM from number ten.


His puerile pranks and hollow thanks,

The complete denial when all the while

He danced the jig without a fig

Because he’s the boss – who gives a toss

That others cried and loved ones died.


Let’s save Ukraine so they don’t blame

The tory men for such mayhem.

Let’s name Non Doms and other cons

So TV news and media crews

Seek other fools who break the rules.


Tomfoolery is just a tool to try and fool

The honest poor, who keep the law.

The puns and larks of all the sharks

Don’t make us grin, the lies wear thin.

The clown must go, he stoops too low.


The blond buffoon has played his tune.

His fiddles bold while bodies cold

Lie under-ground without a sound.

He’ll shuffle on, more folks to con.

He’s made a mint on this whole stint.


I try not to think about the stink

Of men who stare at porn aware

We pay their wage and stand enraged

As these wankers choose to abuse

The voters trust and feed their lust.


Let’s start anew, we must have a few

Of honest men in number ten.

Some young minds of different kinds

That’ll help us rise above the lies

Of shady wit and all that shit.


Most people know we need to grow

And need to give so we can live

In harmony and be free,

To choose a leader who can see

The people’s need and dare to lead.


So, this shower must lose power.

Dodge the hype for another type.

Take a punt on Jeremy Hunt?

Make a fuss for Liz Truss?

But, we all know Tom’s solid blue

Tom Foolery heads up this crew.


Image ‘Chuchin The Clown. Derived from File:Black_and_White_looking_sad.jpg by cropping and touching up defects.’ by Lambtron re-used here under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 licence.