89 Not Out: Day 87, Arid-Land Archipelago Records Pt 3

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 87, there’s only two days until the end of the 89 Not Out series and this is the last part of Ian’s homage to a Radio 4 classic. Which track will he pick as his ultimate companion on the deserted island?

Thursday 11th June, Day 87 of 89.

Part 3 of 3, the final part of my barren atoll-encircled, favourite tracks challenge. 

Only two tracks left, and so many great ones; which to choose?

The next one is going to be evocative rather than musically valid…

In 2012 Tom and I got tickets to the Goalball and the Wheelchair Rugby. Strolling around the Olympic village, we knew this was a once in a lifetime chance, with our shared love of sport uniting us. It’s nonsense, but we sat rocking from side to side in the Copperbox Arena as this belted out…

So, the final track. I can’t dress this one up, it’s just one of the most beautiful tracks ever.

We saw Kate Rusby at the Kings Theatre last year and she sang this. We learned that she hadn’t performed it live for about 10 years. We had tickets to see her at the New Theatre Royal in May, but sadly this will have to be next spring.

Please enjoy Underneath the Stars, by Kate Rusby.

If you know the radio show this has all been in tribute to, the final bit is to choose a book.

The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It just pipped the Harry Potter series but I love the flow and the language. I was once writing up a serious disciplinary investigation at work and found myself writing that ‘the evidence is highly suggestive’, and had to do a  bit of editing to ensure I wasn’t sounding too ‘detective’. 

The luxury item I’m allowed was a challenge, as my luxury taste is all about playing music and listening to books – so it’s a refrigerated container of Diet Coke. I know I drink too much of it but…

Finally, if I can only save one of the downloadable tracks?

It has to be I Swear by The Minions. It will have me thinking of Nicky, Tom and Noah, and that will make me smile. 


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Image by grebmot from Pixabay.

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