89 Not Out: Day 80, Professional Praise and Takeaways

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 80 and Ian’s eldest gets a surprise from his boss that benefits the whole family…eventually.

Thursday 4th June, Day 80 of 89.

Different day, different dilemma.

The home office was a much brighter place yesterday, Tom flying out of the blocks and closing three deals in succession and they kept coming through the day.

Telesales firms often get a bad reputation for their approach and the way they treat their staff, but at about 3pm Tom got a call from his boss impressed at his results. More importantly for me, he also noted that the day before Tom had just kept grafting whilst nobody picked up.

His boss asked Tom what was for tea and when Tom answered, ‘Chilli’, his boss said, ‘Don’t bother with that, order the family a takeaway and the directors will pay.’

I thought this was a really nice touch, and not just because my snout was also going to be in the trough.

I don’t know what it’s like in your house, but the family takeaway can cause more tension and dilemma than it brings joy. It works like this. Noah doesn’t do Indian or Chinese, the latter can be worked around by the addition of chicken spheroids and chips, but there is no compromise room for Indian food. The kebab is universally approved of but we had one of those last week when we had a stinker of a day.

Tom suddenly sat bolt upright.

‘MACKEE Ds is back!’

He began compiling his list of Double Cheeseburgers and Chicken Selects, our collective scales of no justice forgotten.

There was a ‘how do we pay?’ moment, and it had to be done by company credit card.

McDs was out.

We settled on the compromise which is only ever acceptable to me if someone else is paying: takeaway pizza. It’s not that I don’t like pizza, I absolutely love it – probably one of my favourite easy evening meals is the slammo frozen pizza – but here is the rub. The ‘deal’ was from Pizza Hut: two large pizzas and a scrumptious side for £24.99 essentially 2 large slices of cheese on toast for £25.

It came and it was very good indeed, but it wasn’t as good as our regular pizzas from Iceland, which at full price retail at £1.75 each, so £7 sees everyone with plenty of pizza, and you get 3.5 family meals for the same price.

So this is my top consumer tip: go to Iceland, go for the oblong-shaped ones, they are the bomb and it will save you a  fortune. But if you could, avoid the Cosham Iceland. We have a shop booked for Saturday and don’t want to miss out…


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Image by mac231 from Pixabay.

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