The Fascination of Trees

Irene Strange.


The Life in trees live on for ever

Their gallant Spirit leaves them, never.

In the trunk and boughs and roots

Its inner Spirit endlessly shoots.


Plundered and burned into the ground

There resonates a different beauty to be found.

Blackened charcoal then emerge so strong

Proving its place to still belong.


Crafted then so firm and straight

Its new beginnings to relocate.

Endless pencils thick and thin

Produce drawings for every whim.


With strokes of beauty to behold,

Sketches, pictures, wealth untold.

Oh! the glory, perfected fame

Encaptured back into a wooden frame.


Ready to be admired once more

As man’s senses reel and soar.

Trees, wood, charcoal – its Spirit asunder

Our Lord’s great gift of amazing wonder.



As we live our lives on this earthly realm,

Then end up in boxes of Oak and Elm,

Whether in soil or crematorium pyre

To be consumed by almighty fire,

Our Spirits and smoke arise

To settle as bright stars in the skies.

So look up at the Heavens tonight

You will see our Lord’s guiding light.

Your senses reeling you will see

A special someone shining down on you and me.


Image by Bessi from Pixabay.

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