Tongues & Grooves Portsmouth #WritingChallenge1

Last week, Maggie Sawkins, who leads local poetry and creative group Tongues & Grooves unleashed a local #writingchallenge and they kindly let us publish the responses. Make sure you get involved and give Tongues and Grooves a big thumbs up on Facebook

The Challenge: Write a 26 word story/poem in alphabetical order.  


Angelo Barbello came down eating faggots. Ginger hopped inside Jay’s kimono looking menacingly naughty. Over Pompey questions rained so thickly umbrellas visibly wobbled. X-rated yobos zoomed.  

Maggie Sawkins 


And Boris’ COVID19 disaster excites, frantic gobshites, hangry in jazzed khaki’s laughing, murdering nurses, OAP’s – public questioning rancid, scowling Tories urging voracious warships, xenophobic, yuppie zingers. 

Kieran Judge 


Addled bladdered chavvy dinlos engage Fratton gentlefolk holding impressively juicy kebabs, lasciviously mewling nothings or proposing quickies round station toilets underneath vandalised windows; x-rated youthful zoogeny. 

Richard Williams 


A bat crawled delicately eating fruit, growing happier in joyous knowing, limbic mandibles nibbling orgasmically, ponderous quaffing, ravenous satiation, tremulous unction vast, welcome x yummy zone. 

Margaret Jennings 


Anselm, bragging, conceded, deflowering exquisite fruitbats, gave him intensely, joyously keen languishment. Mary nearly overturned partly quaffed Ribena, seething tremulously, untterly venomous with xylophagously youthful zeal. 

Jon Everitt 


Around bedtime came drunken endemial fidgets getting hungry. I jumped, kicking lollopy mewling naughty oafs – pouf. Quite rightly seven took umbrage, very warring, x-rated. Yackety zealots. 

Suzanne Attridge 


After brewing coffee, downing each fragrant gulp, he instructed junior knights. Lo, many nodded overtly, placating quietly, replying silently, though understanding very well, ‘xenophobically you’re zooming!’. 

Natalie Earwaker 


Amorous Betty cuddled Dave. energetically. Fantastically greedy Harold ingested jelly keeping low munching non organic peaches quickly.Rosie started to upset Verity with xenophobic yellow zest. 

Eileen Phyall 


Another boring covid day… everything feels good however; interestingly jumps, kisses, leaving memories numbs pain. Quiet restful sunshine time unveils very weary xenomorphic young zipper. 

Cat Sawkins 


Announcement by Covid-19 diplomats: expect further guidelines; help innocent jobless. Kids love mum’s new optimistic parenting. Quit real life situations. Tesco utilise vans while Xerox yields zombies. 

Marie Monro 


Animated, brightly coloured dancers — emerging fuchsia, giant helianthus, impatiens, jazzy kniphofia – living mural, nature’s original psychedelia. Quiet, restful seasons timidly unfurl viola, whispering xerophyllum, yellow zephyr. 

Liz Neal 


You can take part in the regular Tongues & Grooves #WritingChallenge over on their Facebook page and check out their website and Twitter, too.

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