Visualising the Past: Free Symposium at Portsmouth University

On Friday 19th July, the University of Portsmouth’s Conflict and Culture Research Group presents Visualising the Past, a symposium devoted to historical representation across a range of visual media.

Featuring presentations from historians, artists and designers, this interdisciplinary event explores the ways in which images can create significant and impactful historical narratives. From photographs, posters, films and fashion to illustrations, statues, digital designs and marketing campaigns, traces of our collective histories pervade the visual landscape.

As heated debates on the past remain at the centre of public life, join us in exploring the role of history, the visual historian, and the image as bearers of political and cultural meaning.

Admission is free and the event is open to the public.


Venue: Eldon Building, room 0.106.


  • Coffee 9.15-9.45
  • Welcome 9.45.
  • Panels begin at 10am
  • Lunch 12.45-1.30pm
  • Event ends 4.45.

For more information please contact the organiser Olly Gruner on


Image by Dan McCabe.