STAR POems: Last Day on Planet Portsmouth

By the Ferry Tales Workshop held at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

Anderson sips a cuppa in The Café in the Clouds.
Goodall prepares a posh picnic on the pebbles.
Peirce paraglides from Portsdown Hill.
Firth sips a pint in the Phoenix garden.
Todd dances, toes wet, sipping a last gin cocktail.
Eagle rolls the splendour of South Parade Pier.
Sutton squanders 2 pences in Clarence Pier Cascades,
saving one for the ferry man.
Devine dives into icy water from the desolate pier.
Zhou zooms into maximum silence like an apple that’s lost its red.
Collier combs the beach for flotsam and jetsam.
Phyall 1 gathers an armful of roses from The Garden.
Phyall 2 buys a 911 from the Porches Garage.
East tames a fire and cooks the last pork sausage.
Hannah runs along Southsea Common so fast she burns her feet.
Clayton sifts through the stones for evidence of past lives.
Sawkins waits down by the Hard playing I Spy.

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