Things to Do Around Southsea

By Maggie Sawkins


Sit where Steve Tebb, Drainman of Portsmouth, sat,

watch the dancing sea. Reminisce the Wild Mouse,

the Wall of Death, Uncle Charlie’s tattoos.

Get married for the third time. Launch a book of poems.

Drink champagne at The Queen’s. Go for a curry.


Watch Syd Little in Cinderella at The King’s.

The Spinnaker Tower lit up for Christmas.

Love Albert Road! Go for a curry.


Take Amber Leaf and Milky Ways to a friend in St James’.

Think about the man who stole a turkey from Tesco’s.

Lend someone a score. Talk to seagulls. Play crazy golf.

Listen to the cursing sea. Go for a curry.


Take a red geranium to Bett at St Vincent’s,

watch Des O’Connor on plasma TV.

Fly a kite on the common.

Consider a swim. Go for a curry.


Watch Red Arrows draw love hearts over South Parade Pier.

Buy okra and cardamoms from Akram’s for later.

Put change into the Bangladeshi welfare tin.

Collect Robin from the hover. Inhale the sea.

Have a glass or three at The Phoenix.

Talk about times. Love Albert Road! Go for a curry.


See Angelhart Quartet at The King Street Tavern.

Disgrace oneself in an Aqua taxi.

Sleep it off. Write a poem. Go for a curry.


This Island City, the anthology from which this poem is taken, will be re-launched as part of Portsmouth Bookfest 2016.