Watch Star & Crescent on Nesta Vimeo

Along with nine other hyperlocal news websites in the UK, Star & Crescent are working with Nesta as part of a Destination Local project to help sites like S&C to better understand and cater to our audiences.

This video from Nesta explains a bit more about the project and how it aims to help small, independent news providers all over the country to improve and grow their services. It also features brief cameos from our Editors in Chief, Tom Sykes and Sarah Cheverton.

Star & Crescent has been part of the project since last October and it has already helped us to significantly increase our readership and engagement on our Facebook and Twitter.

In 2016, funding from the project will be supporting our work with local web designer Karl March – founder of the ever fantastic Port 57 studio – to overhaul our website from the basic layout you see before you to a wonder of modern web design. (No pressure, Karl – Eds).

You can find out more about our participation in the Nesta project here and the research findings will be published in 2016.