Editorial: Singeing the Status Quo

Welcome to Star & Crescent, a brand new independent news, culture and commentary site with a Portsmouth focus. Our intention is to offer something different: timely, daring, investigative and well-researched writing as an antidote to the conformist values and public relations dross that seem to dominate the mainstream media – both online and off.

Thus we present 36 distinctive reflections on our city and its people, from an interview with Portsmouth’s greatest fantasy writer to an exposé of the ongoing impact of the BSE crisis, from a profile of a happily married pair of male Catholic priests to a critique of local hipster culture.

Our deepest thanks go to everybody who has made this first issue possible, in particular each and every one of our fine contributors and Karl March, our web designer.

Far from being a flash in the pan, we see Star & Crescent as a fire that will grow and spread, illuminating the little-known and the misunderstood, and singeing the status quo.

Sarah Cheverton and Tom Sykes

February 15th 2015