Microdose for England

By Oliver Gruner, Dan McCabe and Tom Sykes.  Bald, bespectacled and tweed-suited, Sir Richard Barrelbomb sits at a mahogany desk nervously leafing through some papers. Hoodie-wearing teenager Tris O’Lulz strolls into the office with a [… read more ]


The World City

By Jon Crout A tectonic marauder, invading and conquering all land masses in its path. The City had cut itself adrift itself so long ago that there was no memory or record of the reason. [… read more ]


Mindful Dolt Guru

Hi there, I’m the Level 9 Eminently Mindful Dolt Guru Sadhu Juju-Master Sandwich-Artist Masai-Harmer, but you can call me Kevin. Welcome to the Temple of the Shadow of the Dyslexic Monkey and to this ancient, [… read more ]



By Chris Campbell. Robert was in his early sixties and had lived alone since his wife had died almost two years ago. He had a daughter who lived in Eastbourne, down on the south coast [… read more ]