What Next?

by Majid Dhana.


In these times as we sit back and see the reality of the world changing before our teary eyes, emotions, reactions, mixed with so much uncertainty – Doubt-indecision-insecurity in the air.

But don’t despair! If the world looks like an unfamiliar place right now, we have each other and have showed we all have the ability to care!

Don’t panic and lose hope! We are living in times that will be written about thousands of years later.

Do you get anxious waiting for something? Do you feel fear and excitement at the same time? In this situation and the depths of pain, so you feel broken destroyed damaged and beaten?

Love trying to be explained! Pain trying to be explained! Emotions all mixed up in this bowl that has no name.

So, let’s take a moment once in a while to pause reflect and smile. Count the stars and examine the sky. Catch the rain drops and watch the birds fly. Make something from silence let words lift your soul and explore every sweet bit of your beautiful soul.

Heart beating fast many emotions trying to get out. My thoughts whispering to me. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, for I am a champion, a role model the world needs to see. Inspired by the greats – Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, all the key workers looking after you and me.

What Next? Racism war! When I sit and I think and think and think, when all this isolated sadness has passed! Are we going back to a world where racial discrimination is acceptable? Surely not! This lesson, self-isolation, has taught us that’s the past!

Are we going back to a world where the media will have you hating all the people that are oppressed? And loving the people that are doing the oppressing?

The fact that racism gets so much press is a curse and a blessing! And here we are trying to sell peace to a world that refuses to learn from history’s lessons!

But it’s sad to say and I can comfortably say, racism and poverty are here to stay! A refugee or the colour of your skin is still considered a threat in any given day! In every single way we have lost our way!

And in my hands, I carry a bunch of sleeping souls, tired and worn out they come to me, so I give them a place to rest in JidosReality.

They all whisper to me: your life matters, my life matters. So I won’t let your clouded mind destroy me. How an empty word thrown in anger can cut me so deeply. Discrimination leaves the smell of old dirt, strangers who might be lovers walking past each other as if they were the last on earth. Ships stopped sailing, the storms come and go.

Tell me What Next? Are we going back to that place where wars make breaking news? What Next? Are we going back to the poverty growing all around us?

Climate change / The destruction of nature / Large scale conflict / Wars / Inequality (income, discrimination) /Poverty. Religious conflicts / Austerity / No transparency / Corruption that influences migration / Displacement, / Conflict

Hunger in many parts of the world are now regular occurrences. Ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising. Global child health and primary education, malnutrition of children leads to permanent damage.

Gender Equality / Poor infrastructure / Animal Extinctions damaging our ecosystems.

What Next? In a time where social media is full of smoke and mirrors! People inventing a life they don’t actually live.

You happy with chasing the fame?  Stalking the models and celebs caught up in the Instagram fame! It’s becoming harder to tell who’s real and who’s fake. Life is not meant to be a burden of always trying to impress others and put on a mask – that’s a big mistake.

Bitterness and resentment! What next? Are we going back to – Online trolling- Cyberbullying – Image based abuse – Cyber abuse – Offensive and illegal content – Social engineering – Social networking pressures – Disturbing Privacy Issues – Online gambling addiction?

Are you listening? Do you see? This world we live in,

surely not! Covid-19 has shown us that we can be better? We are one and we can care for each other because we are One! We can all make this world a better place because we are One! We can stop the name calling, the selfish decisions and understand: If You Hurt, I Hurt, If I Hurt, You Hurt. I am your Comfort, you are my Comfort in the times of crisis. Because we are one.

Sometimes I wonder if peace were alive today would this world we see still be the same way? If peace had a passport, what would be its nationality? Would peace be rich or come from the poor?

Would peace love in a mansion with servants at its feet? Or live in the camps or in poverty with blisters on its feet?

So maybe next time on Facebook you’ll add peace as a friend and follow peace on Twitter and repost and re-tweet, and repost and re-tweet, and repost and re-tweet the message from peace:

What Next?


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