Hidden Places Around Portsmouth: Beyond Here Lies Nothing?

Local resident and photographer John Callaway gives us a glimpse into Portsmouth’s hidden places with his stunning photography. This week John heads off to Southsea to admire the Solent.

…Wight.  Southeast veering south 5 to 7. Moderate occasionally rough. Occasional rain. Good, occasionally moderate… [The Shipping Forecast: Monday 19 October 2020].

If only we could expect such minor disruption as we look towards the Brexit horizon.

Gone fishing [Image © John Callaway 2020]
Not that the Solent is a significant shipping lane.

Horizon I [Image © John Callaway 2020]
Just saying.

I’m sure that negotiations are going swimmingly, and that sunshine and blue skies will be upon us soon.

Oh, and the Portsmouth coronavirus testing site at Tipner has been relocated to Southampton in order to make way for a Brexit lorry park.

Horizon II [Image © John Callaway 2020]

This article was originally published on John Callaway’s website, Ideas & images from Portsmouth and beyond. You can read more of John’s writing on his website and also see his live music photography.

Images by John Callaway.

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