Hidden Places Around Portsmouth: End of the Pier Show

Local resident and photographer John Callaway gives us a glimpse into Portsmouth’s hidden places with his stunning photography. This week, John finds some political metaphors at the end of the pier…

The Scene: A coastal town somewhere in England.

The citizens are finding it increasingly difficult to believe Bojo the clown. His lack of a coherent message, the  inconsistencies in what he says, and his apparent disregard for their well-being have led them to believe that he is only interested in his own self preservation.

Send in the clowns. Image © John Callaway 2020

In the beginning, some were taken in by his bumbling manner and his lack of attention to detail. But lately it was beginning to wear a little thin. The same phrases kept reappearing  and, rather like a merry-go-round, the idea of going forward seemed to be little more than an illusion.

Merry go round. Image © John Callaway 2020

‘Believe in the slush hut’ was the latest in a long line of meaningless phrases that were designed to sound snappy and to encourage the people to follow the rules. But in the absence of anything other than words, they became less interested in paying attention to what Bojo was saying.

The slush hut. Image © John Callaway 2020

The people were encouraged to ‘follow the rules’, but they seemed to be incomprehensible and confusing to many.

The writing is on the wall. Image © John Callaway 2020

But despite everything, there remained the consolation that the rules and instructions being made by Bojo (or perhaps more precisely his friends) were at all times ‘World Class’.

This article was originally published on John Callaway’s website, Ideas & images from Portsmouth and beyond. You can read more of John’s writing on his website and also see his live music photography.

Images by John Callaway.

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