By David Angus


Feeling blue?

Feeling underrated?

Losing your cool?


Disparaged by fools?

Then do what I do.

Escape into your dreams

Get into your fantasies

Away from overrated reality

Reality TV, office politics and call centres,

Property prices and paperwork plethoras.

Never enough money and over-salaried wankers,

Ignore all that, goodbye to all that!

I go back to the lost world of a million years BC.

Where there’s no risk assessment and absolutely no PC!

I’d say hi there to Pterosaurs and spy out the land.

Find nubile fur clad maidens harrassed by dinosaurs.

I’d rescue these fair ladies picking punch ups with Tyrannosaurs!

Then run like Hell behind the nearest armoured dinosaur!

The girls’d take me back to their place

A cave with thermal pool.

We’d shag each other senseless then play with Plesiosaurs!

And at sunset we’d beach barbie on spare ribs of dinosaur.

It might not be your fantasy so by all means forge your own.

But indulge your eccentricities before your dreams have flown.


Photo ‘Dinosaurs Park.jpg‘ by Fabsubeject used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.

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