89 Not Out: Day 74, A Time to Focus on Small Acts of Kindness

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 74 and Ian ends the week by choosing to focus on the positive things in life, and the generosity he’s seen in his local community.

Friday 29th May, Day 74 of 89.

Small acts of kindness.

Isn’t the warm weather a bloody good thing? Whilst lockdown has been hard for most of us, we have at least endured lots of it during a warm spring – so when you do venture out, you can feel the warmth on your skin. That makes life just a little bit better; imagine going for a trudge in the dank drizzle. 

I ventured out at 8pm last night for the Clap for Carers, and again I was struck by the sense of collective community, which has never been more evident than now. If you are not familiar with the Highbury estate, it was built in the 1930s and is basically three roads running parallel with about 400 houses in each road. There are other twiddly bits bolted on but you get the gist.

The small acts of kindness started about four weeks ago. There was a post on the Neighbourhood Watch page: ‘Lots of kiddies’ toys outside XXX Highbury Grove, come and help yourselves.’ For people who have small children, this must have been a godsend, a reason to go for a walk, and the excitement of a new, if secondhand toy. S&C’s daily diary by Maddie Wallace shares her lockdown experience as a single parent with children much younger than mine. It’s a great read but often leaves me shuddering at the thought of having to manage this lockdown with small children.     

This local giveaway has been repeated most days with folk adding in ever larger items such as a ‘dining table and four chairs’. There was one report of a lady pulling up in her car and starting to load all of the stuff in but the householder  gave her firm and direct feedback about her behaviour and invited her to unload the car again, which she did shamefacedly. 

This made me think about the lockdown as a whole. How many families have benefited from these small acts of kindness? The cynic might think about people offloading their old tat with the tip being closed, but to take it was optional and from the comments posted so many people were delighted with their free stuff. Even the garden furniture advertised as ‘pretty knackered’ was collected and its new owner was delighted to have a restoration project to while away the hours whilst on furlough.

We could focus on the opportunist woman who broke the unwritten rules, but why should we? That is only going to make you cross or angry. 

So I invite you today to think of all the random small acts of kindness you have seen through this lockdown: from a  centenarian veteran raising £30 million, to the postie in fancy dress, the sun on your skin, and the smile on your face. Have a top weekend.


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Image by klimkin from Pixabay.

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