89 Day Out: Day 59, A Walk With My Guide Dog Millsey

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 59 and it’s time for Ian’s guide dog, Millsey to take centre stage.

Wednesday 14th May, Day 59 of 89.

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One of the worries with the continual lockdown and the relative desertion of the streets is how to keep my Millsey Doggy Dog actively interested in his work. As I have touched on before, we used to have a varied working pattern and this meant lots of more complex guiding work for the hound; we had to negotiate busy train stations and high streets whereas now even  a walk through the centre of town is very quiet indeed. 

To keep the lad in tip top condition, he is getting plenty of exercise but it’s still important for him to work as well as play. So last night at the end of the working day, I saddled him up and we headed toward Cosham. The railway gates were down so we crossed rather neatly and then we had a bit of a stand off.

‘Finally!’ was the message I received through his handle as he went left, and his tail started wagging.

He was pointing straight toward the gym doors.

We then had to have a negotiation. ‘Sorry mate, not today’ as I gestured we needed to face in the other direction.

I am not sure how a dog can articulate through his handle, but the message was clear.

‘What is up with you, you tit? The gym is just over there. We haven’t been in weeks, and you look like a body double of the Pilsbury dough boy! Let’s go to the bloody gym.’

We finished our negotiations and the retriever diva finally complied.

I got a nod from him at the barber’s door, ‘Your melon is a shocker, boss, you need to sort this out.’

Finally, we got to the top of the high street and I turned him around for the walk home, but the discussions were not over. He metaphorically rolled his eyes as he stopped and gave a big nod at the door of Subway.

‘OK tubby, you need this like a fish needs a bicycle, but go on, knock yourself out.’ I was struck at how the Subway still smelt of Subway. Do they pump it in through the aircon? 

Anyway, we made it home safely and when he found the front door, there was lots of ‘good boy’ praise and couple of treats. His waggy tail and bounce cheered me up that it hadn’t been a wasted journey, but I am fairly sure there was an undertone of ‘Er, ok. We went out, did nothing and came home. If this gets me a couple of treats I am all good, but I fear you are losing it, Guvnor.’

So if you are feeling a touch glum today, here’s something to enjoy. Apologies to any of my VI chums as this video has no audio description, so please get someone to describe it to you. It’s a compilation of photographs and videos of Millsey’s first year in training, compiled by his wonderful puppy parents, Martin and family.

If you are sighted and don’t smile at this, you have no soul 😉

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Main image with thanks to Martin and family, screenshot taken from the video.

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