89 Not Out: Day 46, A Nocturnal Son and A Sleepless Night

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 46 and while Ian is early to bed, one of his son’s has gone ‘full nocturnal’…

Friday 1st May, Day 46 of 89.

Noah 3:16.

The biblical scholars amongst you, and I am sure I have some amongst my readers may now be furrowing your brow at this reference. John 3:16 is often flagged on banners as one of the Bible’s top quotes, loosely: ‘God so loved the world that he sent his only son, and whoever believes in him shall have eternal life.’

Noah 3:16 reads ‘Ian so loves his second born son that he did not beat him to death in the early hours of the morning for waking him playing loudly online.’

Yes, it was 3.16am when an animated discussion on Death Frenzy 3 or some other online shoot ‘em up roused me from my slumbers. We entered into an animated exchange about the night being designed to be slept through and one of us needing to get up for work tomorrow, and that should such sensibilities not be able to be observed then Daddy would be taking his keyboard and mouse to bed with him tomorrow. 

Noah has gone full nocturnal, which as there is no college till September I can’t find a reason to object to, unless there is an incident like this, very early in the morning. 

I am not a late night person. I have always found 10 o’ clock to be the appropriate hour to retire and 6am (ish) to be the right time to rise. During lockdown this has stayed the same but my sleep seems to be much more broken, even without the shouts of ‘Left, left, left! GOT HIM!’ disrupting my slumber.

I  think despite the stoical brave face approach, in the wee small hours, a man’s brain can start to wander. I have always been a positive person – well, nearly always – and approach most new challenges with the blind optimism of ‘Whats the worst that can happen?’ My wife would give me a list of more than one hundred bad things that could happen, but I rarely bother to consider any. I recognise that, just at the moment though, worries and anxieties for the future are there, and they bubble up in the wee small hours. At least with a weekend ahead and very few plans I can catch up some sleep if I need to. 

Despite my nocturnal wake up, and listening to two podcasts before drifting back off to sleep again I am awake early, frisky and hammering at the keyboard. I think I might just go and ask Noah if he fancies a cup of tea, and get him up to make it 🙂 


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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

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