Coronavirus Double Take: Wildlife Springs into Action

While out for a bike ride, Mariella Seek, age 11, came across a fox reclaiming the city during lockdown. This got her thinking about the abundance of animals reclaiming the city. With Earth Day happening today, Mariella asks what will you be doing to help the planet?

In recent years, wildlife like bees, hedgehogs and a variety of birds have decreased for a number of reasons. Now that humans are in lockdown, nature seems to have sprung into action. With fewer cars on the roads, very few planes in the sky and no groups of people about, wildlife can move about freely.

Recently, I went on a cycle ride to the Hayling ferry in Eastney and in the middle of a grassy patch a beautiful fox was enjoying the sun and quiet by the harbour (see photo above).

Many people have been commenting online about the range of bird calls they can hear at the moment, for example woodpeckers, skylarks and wood pigeons. Also there have been lots of sightings of kestrels, bats, seals and even some hedgehogs.

Today it’s Earth Day and we celebrate all nature around us.  On my daily exercise I will be looking out for our incredible wildlife.

What will you do on Earth Day to help our planet?


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Image by Clare Seek

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