89 Not Out: Day 22, Let’s Talk Hair

S&C contributor and Pompey Politics Podcast host Ian Morris shares his experience of the lockdown, as someone with diabetes. It’s Day 22 and there’s a hairy issue that has to be dealt with.

Monday 6th April, Day 22 of 89.

Brave the shave.

Now it has to be said that from a styling perspective, my options have been limited for some time. At the age of around 22 years, my fringe and eyebrows opted for a separation that became permanant. So my trip to the barbers’ shop left me with the only choice of which grade to go for all over.

Recently I opted for Grade 0. Now this does mean for the first week my warm cuddly image is a touch compromised, but it does mean I get 2 weeks longer before I have to return. 

I can’t fault my barbers, I pay a fiver. In fact, I have paid a fiver for about the last 10 years. In the same time I know the prices have risen as I pay for my male children, but I am guessing that as for around 40% of the time the clippers are making no noise, they have taken pity on me. 

But now the barbers’ shops are closed and of course, I was due a trim at the time the shutters came down. For those of you that can see, you may know a cartoon series called Dilbert and what all this means is that I now look like his boss. It’s not great.

So we ordered some clippers and on Saturday we deployed them to full effect.

Now I sit here typing with a newly streamlined melon but also with a new dilemma: when the world returns to normal, do I keep strimming myself or go back to my faithful friends on the high street? 

At least I can still rock my standard look. Tom, my eldest, visits the barber every fortnight to keep his look crisp and fresh, and thus far the offer from his blind Dad to ‘tidy things up’ for him have fallen on deaf ears.

Bloody ungrateful Millenials. 


Image by Renee Olmsted from Pixabay.

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