Who Has All the KerPOWer in Pompey Politics? Free Workshop

What do we really know about our elected representatives in Portsmouth? What are their interests, activities, attitudes and intentions? How are they accountable to voters? What connections do they have to external organisations? What connections do they have to each other?

In this eye-opening free workshop, you’ll learn power mapping to answer such questions and help you analyse/visualise data in fascinating new ways. An expert team, including a trainer with the Centre for Investigative journalism, locally-based journalists, academics and researchers, will teach you relevant investigative procedures and tutor you in specialist software.

Activists in various sectors have successfully used power mapping to boost public awareness, build coalitions, lobby influential organisations and effect policy change. In this age of post-truth and low public trust in the media, power mapping is a key method of capturing reliable and accessible information to assist citizens with making rational, informed decisions.

The workshop will also give participants the tools to create similar maps of interest. This could be useful regarding companies and individuals on a national and international basis; tracking investments in and associations with the public and private sector.

Time and date: Thursday 18th July 2019, 12.30am-5pm

Location: Room 0.36, University of Portsmouth Library, Cambridge Road, Portsmouth PO1 2ST

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, mid-afternoon.

Moderate computer skills will be required, but it is otherwise suitable for beginners. 

Please book ASAP here as there are only limited spaces. All participants are required to complete feedback forms at the end of the session.

Cover image by Amanda Garrie.