What Does Portsmouth Really Think About the NHS?

Our National Health Service turns 70 on 5th July and we want Portsmouth to tell us how you feel about the NHS. Answer these three questions and your answer might be featured in an article here on S&C.

One of our #ReclaimTheNews team is writing an article about the NHS’ 70th birthday and has come up with three questions for local residents.

Send us your answers to the comments box below, or if you want to share your answers anonymously email us at editor@starandcrescent.org.uk.

1. What is your connection with the NHS?

2. What does the NHS’ 70th birthday mean to you?

3. What is your birthday message to the NHS?

Here’s the first answer we received, from local musician Mark Handley and his band The Bone Idles – in the form of a song he wrote which speaks for itself, God Bless the NHS.

Your answers will be passed to our #ReclaimTheNews writer and could be featured in a forthcoming story here on S&C so remember to keep an eye out and check back here on the website over the coming weeks.

Find out more about Mark over at www.markhandley.rocks, on YouTube, Facebook and on Mark’s Soundcloud and with his band, The Bone Idols.

This story is part of our ongoing series from our #ReclaimTheNews team, a group of local residents trained in investigative journalism in partnership with The Centre for Investigative Journalism. The group now forms S&C’s Community Reporting team. Expect more stories from them in the coming weeks and help spread the word by sharing their articles with your friends and networks – just click on the social media buttons below.