‘A Sense of Collective’: The Reclaim The News Course So Far

Earlier this year, we joined up with the Centre for Investigative Journalism to train a group of local residents in some of the basic skills of investigative journalism so they could report on the local issues that matter to them. Here’s what they’ve learned so far. Reporting from the Reclaim The News team, and Dr Jennifer Jones.

In a recent session, the group worked with Dr Jennifer Jones, an expert on citizen journalism and digital storytelling, who taught us how to use our smartphones to take simple video interviews.  Dr Jones then set the team loose on each other to share our highlights from the course so far.

Reclaim The News video edited by Emily Priest.


This story is part of our ongoing series from our #ReclaimTheNews team, a group of local residents trained in investigative journalism in partnership with The Centre for Investigative Journalism. The group now forms S&C’s Community Reporting team. Expect more stories from them in the coming weeks and help spread the word by sharing their articles with your friends and networks – just click on the social media buttons below.