A Year of Living Dangerously: Cultural Reflections on Trump and Populism

The Conflict and Culture research group at the University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries will be holding a topical and satirical multimedia event on 26th April 2018.

Since Brexit and the election of Trump, new forms of nationalism, populism and tech-driven propaganda have come to dominate politics all over the world. But how did this happen? How new is it, in fact? Does the current malaise have precedents? Where will it all lead? How can it be challenged? And how should decent, thoughtful people respond?

With irreverent humour and critical intelligence, a group of local writers, artists and musicians including S&C‘s very own Tom Sykes, Stephen Harper, Will Sutton and Sophia Wood, will address these questions and others.

Highlights include:

Louis Netter on ‘Trump’s Amerikkka: Art and delusion in a waking nightmare’.

Tom Sykes and Olly Gruner present a new Trump-oriented reworking of Allen Ginsberg’s classic poem ‘America’ plus reflections on the scary parallels between Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines.

Olly Gruner and Dan McCabe on ‘Gettysburg: A performance piece’.

Stephen Harper on ‘From Obama to Trump: An Orange Thermidor?’

A Year of Living Dangerously will happen on 26th April at 7pm–9pm, Eldon Building EW 1.11. It’s free to the public so please join us for a funny, insightful and subversive evening.

Image by Louis Netter.