Portsmouth’s DV MISSION: No Ordinary Film Festival

Portsmouth’s DVMISSION is in its twelth year and is the longest running 48-hour film challenge in the UK. But this is no ordinary film festival…

DVMISSION is an annual, not for profit and independent film festival with a twist: all the films screened at the gala premier and awards ceremony were made in just 48 hours.

Teams taking part are given a title, genre and a line of dialogue, what the DVMISSION organisers call ‘obstructions’. Using these prompts, teams must create a film in just 48 hours, including scripting, acting, filming and editing. A week later, all the teams come together in their best suits and frocks to attend the ‘Pompey Oscars’ and find out who won.

Sounds like one hell of a challenge wrapped up in some film-making fun? It is.

DVMISSION began as part of the first Portsmouth film festival in 2005 and a year later became an independent event. At the time, there were no cultural events for cinema, video and film in the city and founders Jinx Prowse and Roy Hanney decided to create an event that they, as filmmakers, would love to take part in.

The concept of a 48-hour film challenge is not unique to Portsmouth, it was invented by DIY filmmaker Johnnie Oddball in 2003, but the challenge has found a special place in the city’s cultural calendar.

In 2005, 12 teams completed the first Portsmouth 48 hour film challenge and their films were screened in  various venues including New Theatre Royal, South Parade Pier, the Pyramids and the Wedgewood Rooms. Since then, more teams have joined DVMISSION each year to test their skills alongside their indie peers. From amateurs to professionals, everyone is welcome to take part in DVMISSION, from filmmakers who are just starting out, to established local filmmakers like Trash Arts.

This year, the DVMISSION organisers want to bring the work of local filmmakers to an even wider audience. On 17th March this year’s films will be screened at From Dusk Til Dawn of the Dead, a night of movies, theatre and music – with fancy dress as optional (and recommended!). More details can be found here.

If you are a filmmaker and itching to get involved, there is still time to sign up. You have until the 23rd February to pick your team and join one of Portsmouth’s most exciting cultural events.

Find out more over at the DVMISSION website, or on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and watch previous winners over at their YouTube page. We particularly recommend organiser Jinx’s top 23 DVMISSION films from the last 10 years to get a real flavour of this homegrown festival and if you’re thinking about entering, check out DVMISSION’s video below where previous participants explain why they keep coming back for more.

Image credit: DVMission