STAR POems: Other Things the Soldiers Carried

By Sue Toogood

Albert carried humbugs, until they were gone.
Mehmet Ali carried his betrothed girl’s scent.
Jack carried the memory of an intoxicated starry night.
Farooq carried the pain of foot calluses and had broken sandals.
Rahman carried a taste memory of warm baklava.
Arthur carried the news that Myrtle would bear his child.
Tom carried a harmonica.
Alec carried a ‘Dear John’ letter and a broken heart.
Donald carried a photographic memory.
Nazif carried an ancient warrior’s dagger.
Ted carried tender feelings for his Lance Corporal Morgan.
Gordon carried dyspepsia pills.
Harry carried his shame at an overwhelming terror.
Eric carried his devout religious faith, and it carried him.
Tom carried lewd pictures.
Mehmet Amin carried his brother Ibrahim.